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Current Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Yusong Bai

Dr. Yusong Bai

Ph.D. from Duke University

During my Ph.D., my research emphasis was on interrogating and managing photo-induced electronically excited-state dynamics of various supermolecular to nanoscale structures, including ethyne-bridged highly-conjugated (porphinato)metal(II) architectures, semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes, etc. Currently, I investigate charge transfer dynamics at donor/acceptor interfaces.



Dr. Yanan Dai

Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh

My PhD research was focused on imaging of femtosecond dynamics of space-time structured surface evanescent waves using interferometric time-resolved coherent multi-photon photoemission microscopy, and studying their physical properties such as spin angular momentum, field chirality and topological spin textures. Now I am trying to explore the rich electronic and excitonic properties of bilayer heterostructures composed of transition metal dichalcogenides, using time-resolved and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with a femtosecond laser-based excitation source.



Dr. Youn Jue (Eunice) Bae

Ph.D. from Northwestern University

During my Ph.D. my research focused on investigating the down-conversion process in organic chromophores, also know as singlet fission. I used optical- and magnetic- spectroscopy to study how excitons and spins evolve over time and space in various acene and rylene derivatives in the Wasielewski group at Northwestern Unviersity. Here in the XYZ group, I am planning to study spin waves in 2D magnetic materials and many-body interactions in 2D TMDCs. Outside of the lab, I like traveling, eating goood foods, climbing and snowboarding.


Dr. Taketo Handa

Ph.D. from Kyoto University

I am interested in charge-carrier dynamics in optoelectronic materials and try to explore new optical functionalities of materials. I received my Ph.D. from Kyoto University, where I studied unusual thermal and phonon properties and photovoltaic conversion processes in metal halide perovskites and solar cells. After graduation, I worked at Kyoto University for one year and focused on nonlinear optical responses of halide perovskites. In XYZ group, I will work on the ultrafast spectroscopy of energetic carrier dynamics in emerging materials. In my free time, I like walking around the NYC.


Dr. Bo Xiang

Ph.D. from UC San Diego

My research focus is to use ultrafast spectroscopy to study the strong light-matter coupling. In my PhD career in Prof. Wei Xiong’s group (UC San Diego), I was focusing on the study of molecular vibrational polaritons using two-dimensional infrared (2D IR) spectroscopy. In XYZ group, my research focus is blue-shifted to the visible/UV regime and study the strong coupling between microcavities and perovskites using polarization resolved Fourier space photoluminescence (FS-PL) imaging and other spectroscopy tools. Beyond lab times, I enjoy travel, basketball, and board games.


Graduate Students

yfliu_group website

Yufeng Liu

B.S. in Chemistry from Fudan University

I worked on infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of cluster ions during my undergraduate. Here, bidding farewell to the gas phase and entering the regime of solid state, I resume my connection with optical experiments and clusters by exploring the electron-phonon coupling in superatomic materials. You can constantly find my practicing the piano in the lounge after work


Nicholas Olsen

B.S. in Chemistry with minor in Physics from University of Utah

I crawled out of the Utah desert with a degree in chemistry and a minor in physics from the University of Utah, where I studied the crystallization of simple chiral molecules using molecular dynamics. However, I’m excited to make my return to experiment. Playing with lasers makes light work. Catch me wandering aimlessly around different neighborhoods exploring as much of the city’s culture as I can.


Morgan Thinel

B.S. in Honours Chemistry – Measurement from McGill University

I am from Montréal, Canada, where I obtained my B.Sc. at McGill University. At McGill, I studied a negative refractive index plasmonic metamaterial under professor Amy Blum, and acceptor-donor-acceptor molecular semiconductors under professor Dima Perepichka. I travelled south of the border to be co-sponsored in the Zhu and Pasupathy groups in order to combine optical spectroscopies with scanning tunneling microscopy to study a variety of interesting materials. Particularly, I am interested in imaging the structure and dynamics of spin and electronic states in magnetic semiconductors. When I have free time, I practice judo, go on long bike rides and indulge in video games or a science-fiction movie to relax.


Yiliu Li

B.S. in Chemistry from Zhejiang University

During my undergrad at Zhejiang University, I focused on optimizing the measurement of absolute fluorescence quantum yield. In 2019, I attended the “Summer School for Silicon Nanotechnology” at UC San Diego and worked on fabricating porous silicon photonic crystal sensors. Then I find optical spectroscopy really excites me. I am planning to investigate light-matter interaction with various spectroscopic techniques. My leisure activities include hiking, painting and cooking.


Chun-Ying Huang

M.A. in Chemistry from National Taiwan University

I studied the photophysical properties of organic lighting molecules during my time at National Taiwan University, where I received my undergraduate and master’s degree in chemistry. Moving to New York, I’m co-sponsored in the Zhu and Roy groups to explore the fantastic magnetic properties of inorganic materials. I’m super excited to make my samples and use spectroscopy to probe their physical properties. After work, going to a music show and playing table tennis are my favorites.


Past Group Members

Graduate Students

Shirell Klein (M.A., 2021) – HRL Laboratories

Michael Scott Spencer (Ph.D., 2021) – Postdoc, Fritz Haber Institute (Maehrlein Group)

Felisa Conrad-Burton (Ph.D., 2021)

Wenjing Wu (M.A., 2020) – Graduate Student, Penn State University (Huang Group)

Andrew Schlaus (Ph.D., 2020) – Technology Specialist, Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

Jue Wang (Ph.D., 2019) – Postdoc, Harvard University (Kim Group)

Kihong Lee (Ph.D., 2019) – Postdoc, Cornell University (Shan and Mak Groups)

Prakriti Joshi (Ph.D., 2019) – Postdoc, University of Chicago (King Group)

Xinjue Zhong (Ph.D., 2018) – Postdoc, Princeton University (Kahn Group)

Tyler Evans (Ph.D., 2018) – Sigray Inc

Timothy Atallah (Ph.D., 2017) – Postdoc, UCLA (Caram Group)

Kristopher Williams (Ph.D., 2017) – Postdoc, MIT (Tisdale Group)

Nicholas Monahan (Ph.D., 2015) – Research Scientist, ETH Zurich

Cory Nelson (Ph.D., 2015) – Intel Corporation

Xiaoxi Wu (Ph.D., 2015) – Senior Data Scientist, Pillar Biosciences

Kin-Wai Wesker Lei (Ph.D., 2014) – Novati Technologies Inc.

Adam Garland (Ph.D., 2014) – Water Lens, LLC

Joshua Morris (Ph.D., 2013) – Associate Professor, Georgia Gwinnett College

John Tritsch (Ph.D., 2013) – Intel Corporation

Kenrick Williams (Ph.D., 2012) – Lecturer, Green River College

Williams Tisdale (Ph.D., 2010) – Associate Professor, MIT

Travis Mills (Ph.D., 2009) – Associate Professor, St. Paul’s College

Loren Kaake (Ph.D. 2009) – Associate Professor, Simon Frasier University

Matthew Goertz (Ph.D., 2009) – Donaldson Company

Yang Deng (Ph.D., 2008) – L’Oreal

Chad Lindstrom (Ph.D., 2006) – Air Force Research Lab

Gregory Dutton (Ph.D., 2006) – National Institute of Justice (DOJ)

Taewoon Cha (Ph.D., 2005) – Apple, Inc.

Joo H. Kang (Ph.D., 2005) – Dow Chemical Company

Yong Seok Jun (Ph.D., 2004) – Associate Professor, Konkuk University, Korea

Ryan C. Major (Ph.D., 2003) – Hysitron, Inc.

Hanfu Wang (Ph.D., 2001) – Associate Professor, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China


Qiuyang Li (2019-2021) – Postdoc, University of Michigan (Deng Group)

Mark Ziffer (2018-2021) – Research Associate, Columbia University (Owen and Shuck Groups)

Feifan Wang (2017-2021) – Postdoc, ETH Zurich (Fiebig Group)

Lucas Huber (2019-2021) – R&D Engineer, Sensirion

Yongping Fu (2020-2021) – Assistant Professor, Peking University

Fang Liu (2016-2020) – Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Sebastian Maehrlein (2017-2020) – P.I. at Fritz Haber Institute

Doyk Hwang (2019-2020) – Postdoc, University of Washington (Schlenker Group)

Florian Geyer (2017-2018) – BASF

Kiyoshi Miyata (2015-2018) – Assistant Professor, Kyushu University (Onda Group)

Daniel Niesner (2014-2017) – Postdoc, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Fauster Group)

M. Tuan Trinh (2013-2016) – Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

Haiming Zhu (2014-2016) – Professor, Zhejiang University

Manuel Marks (2013-2015) – Bausch (Germany)

Heungman Park (2011-2013) – Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Lei Shen (2009-2013) – Professor, Wuhan University of Technology

Wai-lun Chan (2009-2012) – Associate Professor, University of Kansas

A. Jailaubekov (2009-2012) – Staff Scientist, Cymer Corporation

Manuel Ligges (2010-2011) – Univ. Essen, Germany

Luis Miaja-Avila (2010-2012) – NIST, Colorado

Abe Wolcott (2010-2012) – Assistant Professor, San Jose State University

Matthias Muntwiler (2005-2009) – Group Leader, Paul Scherer Institute, Switzerland

Qinxing Yang (2007-2009) – Associate Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Vassil Boiadjiev (2000-2002) – Lecturer, Temple University

Research Scientists

Lin Zhou (2018-2019) – Associate Professor, Nanjing University